Important COVID-19 Policy from Evergreen Medical

In an effort to continue aiding healthcare organizations with their ability to provide safe patient and employee environments and to remain compliant with applicable standards, Evergreen Medical is making the following temporary changes to our testing protocol for Annual Medical Gas Inspections. Effective immediately Evergreen Medical Staff will:

  • Adhere to and comply with all medical facility infection control protocols
  • Limit potential patient interaction by not entering occupied patient rooms
  • Not enter unoccupied rooms of patients that have tested positive with COVID-19
  • Not enter or test The Emergency Department
  • Wear proper PPE per the facility's policies when provided by facility
  • Practice diligent hand washing after exiting each room/area
  • Disinfect test equipment after use prior to being packed in cases as per CDC Direction
  • Disinfect test equipment cases prior to returning them to office locations

This policy results in an adjustment to our traditional scope for Annual Medical Gas Systems Inspections. Amid the current healthcare crisis, we feel that it is a necessary obligation on our part to make these adjustments in order to help keep patients, staff, Evergreen employees, and the general public safe. Testing of the following components during Annual Inspections will remain unchanged:

  • Master Alarm Testing
  • Area Alarm Testing
  • Outlets Testing in ORs, PACUs, Imaging, and other Outpatient Service Areas
  • Outlet Testing in Unoccupied Patient Rooms
  • Purity and Contaminant Testing
  • Medical Air Dewpoint
  • Zone Valves
  • Source Equipment

A second semi-annual medical gas inspection visit will be offered for a small fee (to cover additional travel & expenses) to complete outlet testing in rooms that were occupied/contaminated during the first visit. In this manner the medical facility keeps their annual time frame for TJC, CMS, and/or DNV without applying for an exception, while limiting the potential for contraction and transmission of COVID-19. The second visit is dependent upon the COVID-19 pandemic subsiding within a timeframe that allows for a second visit within a year of the first visit.

Many medical facilities have sent notices that forbid entry to non-essential service and sales representatives, however, most have considered their medical gas systems testing, repairs, and preventative maintenance as essential to the facility's environment of care. We will re-verify permission to perform services on the day prior to our visit.

Please continue in your diligent efforts to work safely during this time of increased health risk!

The Evergreen Medical Team

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