USP <797> Testing

Complying with USP Standards for IV and Chemo Prep

USP 797 Testing

A USP <797> Summary

The USP <797> regulations were implemented by U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) to control the compounding and administration of pharmaceutical products, with the goal of protecting patients from any adverse effects from the contamination of compounded sterile preparations.

Evergreen Medical evaluates your situation so you know exactly what USP <797> testing services are required by your facility to achieve compliance. We aim to assure that your facility delivers only safe, effective medications to your patients, while protecting them as well as your staff and visitors.   

USP <797> Monitoring, Testing and Certification

Compliance testing, certification and/or measurement of the following are required by regulatory agencies and offered by Evergreen Medical:

  • Biosafety cabinets and isolators
  • Clean bench and airflow workbench
  • Non-viable airborne particulates
  • Room air exchange (ventilation) rate
  • Room differential pressures
  • Room pressure gauges
  • Airflow visualization of rooms and containment devices
  • Viable environmental monitoring and regular sampling

Why Work with Evergreen Medical?

As always, USP <797> testing and compliance measurement, when performed by a third-party expert in the field, provides more accurate and honest results, which can reduce your facility’s liability. We are capable of identifying deficiencies and recommending remediation actions to ensure that your compounding areas meet all relevant regulations.

In addition to environmental monitoring and documentation, our testing includes cleaning effectiveness, personal hygiene practices, gowning procedures and comprehensive hazardous drug residue sampling. We also leave you with a better understanding of USP <797> and suggest methods for maintaining compliance.