Chemical Exposure Monitoring

Create a Safer, Better Work Environment

Our Process Goes Beyond Monitoring

Unlike other companies, we don’t simply drop off an inexpensive badge and call it “chemical monitoring.” While we do offer badge monitoring as part of our environmental monitoring services, we also provide a much more comprehensive form of monitoring for chemical exposure. 

If our evaluation uncovers chemical exposure beyond established safe levels, then we conduct a thorough review of established exposure mitigation methods, including increased ventilation to prevent inhalation damage from airborne exposure and personal protective equipment to prevent skin or ingestion hazards.

Airborne Chemical Exposure Monitoring

Checking for airborne chemical exposure is complicated. It involves determining the contact type, length of contact and chemical concentration. Our hospital airborne chemical exposure monitoring process includes identifying the hazardous chemical(s), figuring out the best monitoring method for the situation, undertaking an accurate analysis, interpreting the results, formulating a response and carefully documenting all findings.

Our skilled technicians test and document employee exposure by utilizing the expensive, highly sensitive MIRAN SapphIRe monitoring equipment that detects and measures workplace airborne chemicals. Our testing includes the applicable ceiling level, and a 15-minute STEL (short-term exposure limit) and an eight-hour TWA (time weighted average). The machine then provides readings in the tenths-of-a-part-per-million range – in real time.

When we find a problem, we fix it, alleviating the issue and making your health care facility safer. Depending on the problem, we will reduce employees’ chemical hazardous exposures through ventilation, the elimination of chemical leaks, and the establishment of workplace and practice evaluations

Evergreen’s Chemical Monitoring Benefits

Our chemical exposure monitoring services offer you and your facility the following benefits:

  • Our comprehensive monitoring services improve your health care environment by making it a better, safer place to work.
  • Chemical exposure monitoring, combined with our solutions, helps you maintain compliance with regulatory agencies.
  • The presence of an Evergreen Medical Services technician ensures your staff that they are working in a safe place.
  • Hiring a reputable firm like ours to provide health care chemical exposure monitoring services improves the perception among employees that their well-being matters to you, their employer.

A Variety of Services Available

Evergreen Medical Services offers far more than monitoring of chemicals. From ventilation testing to anesthetic vaporizer accuracy testing, we have a variety of services, all aimed at providing a safe setting for employees and patients. View our other environmental monitoring services to learn more.

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