Gas Monitoring Badges

An Inexpensive Alternative to On-Site Testing

Gas Monitoring Badges

What Are Gas Monitoring Badges

Passive dosimeter badges are worn by health care facility employees to measure the individual’s workplace exposure to a wide range of chemical gases. A small, lightweight clip-on badge is issued to each employee with his or her name, monitoring period dates and a unique identification number.

How Does Healthcare Gas Badge Monitoring Work?

Employees simply wear the organic vapor monitoring badges on their bodies; the badges don’t require any attention or training, nor do they interfere with the employee’s duties in any way. The gas safety badge contains a microporous membrane through which chemical vapors pass. Absorbents under the membrane collect the vapors at a fixed rate during the sampling period. Following the gas badge monitoring period, each badge is put into a pouch, which is sealed and then sent back to us for processing.

Airborne Chemical Monitoring by Evergreen

Let Evergreen Medical reassure you and your employees that they are working in a safe environment by monitoring short- and long-term exposure levels to hazardous gases. It’s easy — all that’s required is that employees wear the badge, record the start and stop time on the pouch in which the badge is placed after testing, and return the badge to us for analysis. Evergreen Medical provides the badges, quickly processes the results and issues a report. The analysis is free when you purchase our badges for medical gas badge monitoring.

Our passive dosimeter badges:

  • Provide fast, accurate results (faxed or emailed within 48 hours)
  • Are processed in an AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) Accredited Laboratory
  • Are capable of monitoring more than 200 chemicals
  • Have a 6 – 12-month shelf life, allowing you to purchase large quantities at one time
  • Monitor 15-minute STEL (short-term exposure limit) and 8-hour TWA (time weighted average)

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