Medical Gas Training Courses

Training and Certifications for Your People

Hospitals and other health facilities need to be able to count on their equipment to deliver lifesaving care every time it is used. This means medical gas certification is crucial for guaranteeing the highest-quality installations and service.

Evergreen Medical Services is proud to offer online and self-paced medical gas training courses for installers, inspectors and maintenance specialists. Our full suite of medical gas certification courses prepares technicians for all of the proper procedures and protocols associated with installing and servicing these systems.

Our medical gas training classes are ASSE compliant and designed to give individuals all of the knowledge they will need to ensure systems are functioning properly. Receiving med gas certification is essential for all professionals who want to work in this field because it verifies that they have the skills and expertise required.

Our medical gas certification classes include:

  • ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installers (32 Hr)
  • ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installers Renewal (4 Hr)
  • ASSE 6020 Medical Gas Inspectors (24 Hr)
  • ASSE 6020 Medical Gas Inspectors Renewal (4 Hr)
  • ASSE 6040 Medical Gas Maintenance (24 Hr)
  • ASSE 6040 Medical Gas Maintenance Renewal (4 Hr)
  • Hospital Specific Equipment Medical Gas Maintenance (4-6 hrs)

Evergreen Medical Services understands the importance of impartiality regarding the medical gas installer and inspector courses we provide and credentials we issue. Our company is independent from the individuals and organizations that attend our programs, and the individuals and organizations are tested according to ASSE 6000 standards.

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The experience our instructors bring to the table makes us the best source for med gas training. We can help personnel achieve or renew their certifications with comprehensive instruction. The diverse backgrounds of our people include mechanical engineering, environmental science and environmental health — so no aspect of the training is overlooked.

Our classroom is currently full.  If you have questions, please reach out to us at 800-872-8992.