Emergency Preparedness Kits

Emergency Preparedness Kits

Oxygen is critical to life and an imperative resource when faced with disaster management.  Evergreen Medical’s Emergency Preparedness Kits help Healthcare organizations with strategic management of Oxygen and other medical gas supplies in such disastrous scenarios.  All supplies are housed in one convenient case.  Using this kit, patients can receive Oxygen or other critical medical gas in a zone should the main supply fail to keep up with ventilator demand or during a shutdown.


  • Cylinder Pigtails
  • CGA Connections
  • Check Valves for replacing cylinders without interrupting patients’ gas supply
  • Adjustable regulators
  • 3000 PSI rated
  • 8’ oxygen hose to connect regulator output to backfill input
  • All equipment is Oxygen Clean


  • Single Cylinder Backfill Kit
  • Dual Cylinder Kit
  • Five Cylinder Backfill Kit
  • Kits available for all Medical Gases


  • Low Cylinder Pressure Alarm
  • Cylinder Stands
  • Single- and Double-Cylinder Carts

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