Evergreen Medical acquires Consolidated Medical Technologies (CMT)

Asheville, NC – August 19, 2021

Evergreen Medical is pleased to announce the acquisition of Consolidated Medical Technologies (CMT), a provider of testing, inspection and certification services for medical gas distribution systems for healthcare facilities. CMT was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada.

“The acquisition of CMT will enable Evergreen Medical Services to continue its expansion for medical gas services into the Western and Southwest regions of the U.S. This acquisition will provide a solid foundation for servicing medical gas customers coast to coast,” said Keith Calloway, COO of Evergreen Medical. “Aligning with Evergreen Medical will open up CMT customers to additional service and equipment offerings. A perfect partnership.”

Industry leading Evergreen Medical Services provides unparalleled environmental monitoring and medical gas services to health care facilities across the east coast. Evergreen Medical utilizes the latest available equipment and testing protocol to provide reliable, accurate documentation for local, state and federal requirements for medical facilities.

Evergreen Medical Services, along with Technical Safety Services, and EOC1, operate under the TSS Family of Companies banner. Acquisitions such as CMT continue to advance the Family of Companies focused growth strategy through expanding its offering of testing, certification and calibration services to critical equipment and controlled environments crucial to customer operations. Our TSS Family of Companies is dedicated to the highest quality of compliance, safety and risk management for our customers and the people they serve in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Marketplaces.

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