Anesthesia Machine Calibration

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Anesthetic Vaporizer Accuracy

Accurate Vaporizer Testing 

To deliver proper anesthesia gases your anesthesia machines and vaporizers require regular testing to guarantee that their output gas concentrations are accurate at all settings. The technicians at Evergreen Medical assure that the level of anesthesia agent delivered to the patients matches what your anesthesia expects. We use only state-of-the-art testing instruments and procedures to ensure accurate, reliable results.

Anesthetic Agent Testing Guidelines *

Regular evaluation of anesthetic vaporizer equipment is required to ensure proper functioning and optimal delivery values of Sevoflurane, Desflurane (Suprane), and Isoflurane (Forane).  

Anesthetic Equipment. Prior to every use, the operator must ensure that the machine is set up and operating correctly and that there are no leaks. All components — including the tubing, valves, gaskets and flow meters — must be inspected. 

Vaporizers. The calibration verification is performed every six months at a range setting from low to higher delivery percentages. If the calibration is outside of manufacturer recommended values (typically 20 percent), the vaporizer must be shipped to and calibrated by an authorized service provider. 

Machines with Re-Breathing Circuits. Machines that have a re-breathing circuit require inspection and servicing every year by an authorized anesthetic machine service provider. Carbon dioxide (CO2) absorbers should be changed after every 12 hours of use, at a minimum. 

Waste Gas Scavenging Systems. Methods for waste gas scavenging include using a fume hood, venting to the facility’s HVAC system or vacuum, or using absorbers (such as charcoal canisters).

How Often Should You Have Your Vaporizer Serviced?

Keeping this equipment in prime condition is essential for preventing leaks and other issues that can compromise patient and staff safety. This is why it is recommended that facilities that utilize vaporizers have them serviced every one to three years. By conducting maintenance tasks such as a leak check, your anesthesia machines can be counted on to deliver safe, reliable performance whenever you need them.

Why Work with Evergreen Medical?

Using a third-party service provider for vaporizer efficacy testing reduces your facility’s liability.  Evergreen Medical is a third-party testing company offering professional medical anesthesia testing services utilizing the most up-to-date procedures and equipment. We schedule our testing after your daily OR schedule is complete so we never disrupt your facility’s patient care services.

Our technicians have the expertise and training for this very critical testing. Testing your vaporizers' accuracy using the hospital’s anesthesia machines, rather than at an off-site facility, makes results comparable to the actual levels to patients during surgery.  This process also eliminates the hassle, risk, and cost of removing, remounting, and shipping your vaporizers to an off-site testing facility. Contact us today to receive a quote or to schedule testing.