Evergreen Medical Services acquires Stacy Systems, Inc

Asheville, NC – December 2, 2019

Evergreen Medical is pleased to announce the acquisition of Stacy Systems, Inc, a Fort Worth, TX based company providing medical gas testing and certification services for health care facilities.  Stacy Systems will join Evergreen Medical’s talented team of technicians, bringing additional testing and certification expertise within the healthcare setting.

“As we look at ways to grow our business, we knew that continued expansion into new regions would play a large factor," said Steve Bradshaw, President and CEO of Evergreen Medical. “We are excited about the opportunity to grow the Evergreen Medical customer base into the state of Texas and offer our extended services and support to this region.”

Industry leading Evergreen Medical Services provides unparalleled environmental monitoring and medical services to health care facilities across the east coast.  Evergreen Medical utilizes the latest available equipment and testing protocol to provide reliable, accurate documentation for local, state and federal requirements for medical facilities.  Our comprehensive programs provide the necessary documentation to satisfy the Department of Health, The Joint Commission and various other regulatory agencies.

Evergreen Medical Services, along with Technical Safety Services, LLC and EOC1, operates under the Technical Solutions Holdings, Inc. (TSH) banner. Acquisitions such as Stacy Systems continue to advance TSH’s focused growth strategy through expanding its offering of testing, certification and calibration services to critical equipment and controlled environments crucial to customer operations. As a TSH company, we align companies and continue to broaden our capabilities to better serve our customers

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