Medical Gas Storage Requirements

Although they are used to save lives, medical gases require careful handling or else they can be dangerous. Following the medical gas storage requirements as specified in NFPA 99 (2021) is crucial for ensuring compliance and protecting the health and safety of patients, visitors and staff. Read on to learn about medical gas cylinder storage requirements and how they should guide the protocols at your facility.

Where They Should Be Stored

Medical gas storage room requirements are determined primarily by the total volume of the cylinders and/or containers stored within. Within a single smoke compartment, individual cylinders available for immediate use in patient care areas with an aggregate volume of < 300 cubic feet are not required to be stored in an enclosure. Storage locations for containers or cylinders with a total volume of > 300 cubic feet but not more than 3,000 cubic feet shall be stored outdoors or in an interior enclosure of non or limited combustible construction with doors or gates that can be secured, or within an enclosed cabinet of noncombustible construction having a minimum ½ hour fire protection rating. If the total volume of gas equipment is greater than 3,000 cubic feet, it shall meet the design, construction and ventilation requirements for central supply systems in accordance with NFPA 99, sections &

No matter the storage area, flammable and non-flammable gasses cannot be comingled in the same enclosure and empty cylinders must be marked and kept segregated from full cylinders to avoid confusion.

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