Preventive Maintenance and Repairs

Preventive Maintenance and Repairs

Medical Gas System Maintenance and Repair

While Evergreen Medical offers regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your medical gas system(s) running smoothly, at some point your equipment may develop an issue. Our skilled, experienced technicians are great at diagnosing problems and making the necessary repairs or recommending replacement equipment. Because we maintain long-term relationships with all the medical gas manufacturers, we can get parts quickly and at reasonable prices — that we are happy to pass on to you.

We provide parts from the following manufacturers:

Ohio Medical
Busch Vacuum Pumps

Maintenance and Service

Regular service and preventive maintenance help keep medical gas systems in optimal working condition. Medical air compressors, vacuum inlets, pumps, waste anesthesia gas disposal units, and source gas systems and their components require regular maintenance to operate reliably and safely. Preventive maintenance includes:

  • Oil changes
  • Filter replacement
  • Belt replacement
  • Gauge replacement
  • Gasket replacement

Medical Gas System Repairs

Problems that require repair can arise in medical air systems, outlets, alarm wiring, and vacuum systems and pumps. Issues in these components may result in hazardous conditions such as leaks, clogs, inadequate filtration and corrosion, and should be fixed as soon as possible. 

To Fix or Not to Fix?

Do you trust your medical gas testing and repair company to fix only what needs fixing? At Evergreen Medical, we know — and we will tell you — which issues are grandfathered, which deficiencies must be corrected, and which fixes are recommended but not required. When you work with Evergreen, you can rely on us to protect your investment in medical gas equipment as well as your financial assets.