ASSE 6010/6020 Installers class

Date: January 13 - 16, 2020
Location: Arden, NC 

Applicable for installers of medical gas and vacuum systems. Installers include anyone who works on or installs medical gas piping or components, including brazers. This is a 32-hour course in accordance with current NFPA 99 and ASSE 6010 standards. It is taught over four days and includes a practical and written exam on the last day.

Topics covered in the class:
• General medical gas and vacuum systems knowledge
• Identification of medical gas and vacuum systems' components
• Proper installation methods
• System & Component testing
• Proper identification of component locations per drawings
• Proper test documentation
• Basic terminology

Installer prerequisite:
Four years piping/plumbing experience. Course is instructed by an ASSE 6050 credentialed Medical Gas Instructor.

Materials required:
6′ of 1 1/2″ pipe (does not have to be clean for Oxygen) to make 18″ coupons (may be pre-cut for testing and practice). 8 couplings (not slip) Torch (A-32 tip Turbo or like size) Acetylene or oxy/acetylene BCuP brazing rods (recommended 15% silver) Nitrogen cylinders and purge regulators (provided when at an Evergreen facility)