Medical Gas Systems Services

Annual Inspections and Testing

Evergreen provides medical gas systems services for annual inspections and testing of the facility’s piped medical gas systems components:

  • Master and Area Alarms
  • Zone Valves
  • Patient Terminals
  • Source Equipment
  • Purity/Contaminants - Purity and contaminant testing includes gaseous contaminants, medical air dew point and solid particulate.
  • Inventory - We provide a current inventory with the count of each components’ manufacturer, model and system type
  • Testing is in compliance with TJC, NFPA, ASSE and CGA standards.
  • The summary of deficiencies included in each report identifies necessary corrective actions in a well-organized manner including the system, location, applicable code #, priority, and recommended action

Sample Reports:

Medical Gas Systems Report Medical Gas Systems Report

To view a complete sample report, please email or call our office at 800-872-8992.

Certifications of New Medical Gas Piping

Certifications of New Medical Gas Piping:

  • Verification Testing
  • Experienced ASSE 6030 credentialed Medical Gas Verifiers per NITC and MGPHO
  • MGPHO CMGVs(R) and ASSE 6035 Medical Gas Bulk Verifiers

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Pre-Construction Plan Reviews

Pre-construction plan reviews:

  • Experience with equipment choices
  • Code Compliance
  • Value Engineering

CAD Mapping of Medical Gas Systems

CAD Mapping of Medical Gas Systems:

  • Pipeline traced and valves located to verify the areas served
  • CAD Schematics indicating piping, sources equipment, and valves throughout the facility
  • Large scale color print mounted behind plexi-glass in the engineering shop to quickly locate valves for emergencies and to determine the areas they shut off
  • Pipe sizing is documented and labels are affixed to valves and piping during tracing
  • The Joint Commission standards requires schematics for medical gas systems shutdowns

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Outlet and Alarm repairs
  • Alarm low voltage wiring
  • Medical Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump Maintenance

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