Environmental Monitoring Services

Ventilation Testing

Air exchanges and pressurization for the following rooms:
• Isolation
• Soiled Utility
• Operating
• Procedure
• Sterile Processing

Chemicals Monitored

Evergreen Medical monitors for the following chemicals:
• Waste Anesthetic Gases (Nitrous Oxide & Halogenated Agents)
• Laboratory Chemicals (Formaldehyde, Toluene, Xylene, etc.)
• Glutaraldehyde / OPA
• Ethylene Oxide
• Acetic Acid

Passive Dosimeter Badge Monitoring

• AIHA Accredited Laboratory
• 15 minute STEL and 8 hour TWA
• Badges available for over 200 different chemicals
• Badges have 6-12 month shelf life
• Fast Results (faxed or emailed within 48 hours)

Additional Testing

• USP 797 Testing
• Anesthetic Vaporizer Accuracy, Maintenance and Calibration
• Indoor Air Quality (bacteria and fungi) – Air Particle Counts
• Respirator Fit Testing
• Employee In-services

Testing results are recorded on laptops at the time of testing to provide accurate and timely reports.

Click on images for samples:

All testing meets TJC, OSHA, NIOSH, DHHS and other regulatory agency requirements and recommendations.

Evergreen’s number one goal is to help our customers provide a safe healthcare environment. This not only includes patient care, but equally important, the health and well-being of the hospital staff. As a third party provider, our environmental monitoring services improve the health and safety for employees ensuring OSHA regulations are met while decreasing the liability of the facility.

Environmental Monitoring Services:

On-site Evaluations

• Employee Exposure – Our technicians use the highly sensitive MIRAN SapphIRe to detect and measure work-place, airborne chemicals. Our testing includes the applicable ceiling level, 15 minute STEL and an eight-hour TWA.
• Leak Testing
• Air Exchange Measurements
• Supply and Exhaust Flows
• Positive/Negative Pressure Measurements
• Work Place and Practice Evaluations

On your team to improve safety and compliance